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"Next Chapter" Coaching Package

Overcome Stagnation in Your Life.

  • 1,399 Canadian dollars

Service Description

The "Next Chapter" Program includes: - 12 x One-on-One Coaching Sessions (45 mins each) over Zoom - Unlimited text support - Worksheets to deepen your inner work (optional) During our work together, we will discuss your goals, set intentions and identify the unique obstacles in your life that are keeping you from living a life that is more joyful, meaningful and fulfilling. We will partner to uncover your limiting thought patterns and emotional clutter that is keeping you from showing up as the woman that you want to be. You will leave each session with new insights, tools and clarity, while learning how to connect to and trust your inner wisdom. Through this process you will gain: CLARITY- you will create a plan for your next chapter so you know where you're heading. CONFIDENCE- you will be showing up more authentically in your life, while embracing all parts of yourself with more love & less judgement. CONNECTION- you will create deeper, more fulfilling relationships with your loved ones and most importantly with your SELF. You are not here to play small and hold yourself back. You are meant for more. Let's find out what it is.

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