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About Me

I'm a mother, wife and certified life coach.

I'm also a woman in my 'middle years' trying to navigate this life the best I can, with less overwhelm & stress and more intention, gratitude & joy.


I'm a runner & fitness enthusiast and love plugging into a favourite podcast, audiobook or playlist.


I believe in the power of inspirational quotes, the magic of the Universe, curiosity, movement, human connection, morning routines, beach walks & coffee.


Most importantly, I believe in empowering women to live healthy & inspired lives on their own terms.

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My educational background in cognitive psychology, experience working as a healthcare professional for 20+ years, along with my innate fascination with the human experience and my natural desire to help others led me to life coaching in 2015.

Through coaching and learning how to manage my mind, I have been able to transform & improve every aspect of my life. I have dropped the constant overwhelm, self-criticism and need to control everything & everyone in my life, minimized my people-pleasing tendencies, deepened my connection with my family & most importantly the relationship with myself.

I now know how to create my experience & my own results in life. 

THIS is what I want for you.

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